Our trainers are highly qualified specialists in their field, each bringing a unique style and skill.



Rob Nagington

Rob is the part owner of SMG with son in law Tip. 9 years ago Rob began Muay Thai at Phon's gym with his three children. He quickly developed a passion for Muay Thai and continues to make frequent trips to Thailand to observe the techniques of the fighters and trainers of Jar Tui's Bangkok Sangmorakot gym. Rob also has 20 years of yoga experience.


Tip Aumanun

Tip is our Thai trainer who has now been living in Perth for 10 years. He is an experienced fighter in both boxing and Muay Thai. He began Muay Thai at the young age of 5 and quickly started fighting. Tip offers high quality instruction as he has learnt from some of the best and is focused on improving skill and core strength.


Toto Sangmorakot

Toto Sangmorakot is SMG's resident Thai trainer and comes from Sangmorakot Gym in Bangkok where he trained a number of champions including Pinsiam, Sipmuen, Palungnoom and Wisanlek. Toto is a great motivater who brings a wealth of experience and makes sure you get the most out of your training.


Okky Stafford

Okky has over 5 years of experienced in Muay Thai. He brings each class to life and makes training fun and enjoyable. He focuses on fitness as well as skill and brings something new and different to each class.